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The big inauguration ceremony for the new bridge in Las Flores was held this past Friday. With an important deadline, last week was a busy time. Here are some highlights . . .

 The wall panels, used to create the form (or mold) for the last concrete pour, had to be stripped off. This wall is a retaining wall alongside the ramp up to the bridge, on one side of the river. The panels are attached to one another by wedges, which must be pounded out with a hammer . . . all while the worker is hanging on to the panel he’s removing!

Released panels were carried to the truck which brought all of our tools, supplies, and extra materials back to our house.

While the wall panels were being stripped, another group of guys worked on smoothing the finish on the short walls on either side of the deck . . . the part that people will see close up, as they cross the bridge. High spots were ground off, and a thin coating of concrete was smeared over everything. The municipal government wanted to paint these walls, so this finish work had to be completed early enough in the week to have the walls ready for the painter.
Back at the retaining wall, with the panels removed, the straps which held the wedges in place were being broken off the wall. 
To be continued . . .