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Living in Honduras frequently requires one to do things that would be considered ridiculously unsafe in the US. Today I am going to show you some videos of vehicles crossing the old cable bridge in Las Flores, Lempira. This bridge will eventually be replaced by the bridge we are currently building . . . but for now, there is a LOT of traffic over this very unsafe bridge. (Our apologies that some of the videos are sideways. Boo didn’t know that I don’t know how to turn them before posting, LOL)

Here’s a heavily loaded truck crossing the bridge. Boo is taking the video while standing above, on the uncompleted new bridge:

Boo took this next video while standing down on the cable bridge. You’ll notice, as the truck gets close to her, Boo has to reposition herself on the outside edge of the bridge, so the truck has room to pass.

Now, this video I can’t get to post here, so you’ll have to click a link to see it . . . but DO LOOK AT IT! I promise you will laugh! It is a video, from inside a vehicle that is crossing the bridge. Allen is driving, and visiting team members are in the vehicle. You WILL enjoy their conversation as they cross!

Click here for the video

Now, don’t let these videos keep you from coming to see us. Remember, it’s going to be an adventure!
(Thanks for the team trip video, Michelle!)