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Part 1 is here. The following videos are from the same day as the video in part 1. 

With all of the materials placed where they will be fairly close at hand, the volunteers bring buckets full of sand, gravel and water, and bags of cement, and dump these materials into the mixers. The men running the mixers keep track of the proportions of each type of material, so that the final product has the proper strength.

In the next video, the men are filling buckets with the mixed concrete, carrying each bucket to the edge of the area being poured, and dumping in their load of concrete. It must be a bit overwhelming, to see how very little the whole project is furthered by each individual bucket load! But as the number of trips grows, somehow the deck of the bridge is created, bit by bit!

In the following video, Boo concentrated on the work of the men maintaining just one aspect of the job – the sand pile.

In this last video I’m going to post today, you can start to see the pile of dumped bucket loads turning into a mass that can be smoothed out and will eventually be the surface of the bridge.

Let me know what you think of Boo’s videos, if you would. The men are mixing and pouring concrete again today (the videos in this post are from last week), and Boo is out there, taking more photos and videos!