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Monday I flew back to the US from Honduras. This trip has been scheduled for months – well before the kidnapping – because I really wanted to come for my brother’s wedding! Today I took it pretty easy. I’m stiff and sore from romping around airports yesterday schlepping 70 or so pounds of suitcases and laptop and such, but I expect that feeling to be gone soon.

This week I’m visiting with a wide variety of friends. With the advent of Facebook I’ve reconnected with high school and even jr hi friends – and I’m looking forward to visiting with several of them this week, plus other moms I met during my earliest homeschooling years, church friends I’ve grown close to over the years, etc.

I’m here for a month, and originally the whole month was to have been visiting and having a relaxing fun time. The kidnapping changed this for me, however. I’ll be traveling part of next week to meet with a counselor/therapist who specializes in missionaries who’ve experienced trauma. I also have a lot more people wanting to have me come and speak than I’d originally expected. I’m up for it, though, and hey – I can always rest when I get back to Honduras, right? LOL