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I know many have stopped by my blog to read the details of my son, Ben’s, kidnapping. I am in awe of how many thousands of people around the world were standing with us in prayer, begging God to allow Ben to return safely to our family.

I am delighted to announce, to anyone who hasn’t already heard the wonderful news, that Ben is sleeping soundly in his own bed right now! He is well and unharmed and in good spirits, joking about his big adventure. God has been so very, very good to us!

I hope to be able to sit down and write out a coherent account of these amazing past few days . . . very soon. Some of you may know that Ben’s 21 year old sister was married this past Friday. Our family had just completed that exhausting and emotional event and were feeling like we could relax and regroup for a bit when the kidnapping happened. We were, in fact, driving home after saying our “good byes” to family members who had flown in for the wedding when Ben and I were taken. As you can imagine, the emotional highs and lows of the past week have left us all feeling drained and worn down.

But I owe such a debt of gratitude to thousands of people I have never met, who had never heard of our family before Ben’s situation went “viral.” I want to thank every one of you, the way that I hugged and thanked every local policeman and woman I saw yesterday evening. I had the pleasure of being the one to inform the officers at the police roadblock nearest my home that Ben was free, as I drove in to Gracias to see him at the police station. At that point they were still stopping cars and searching for him. I’ve never cried tears of joy, and offered up praises to God with police at a roadblock before!

Please stay tuned, as my family has a chance to sit and quietly enjoy the fact that we are all still together and happy and blessed beyond belief. I will come back and tell Ben’s story, because it is really too good, too amazing, not to share.

May God richly bless you all for your love and concern and prayers.