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This has been a big week for the creation and distribution of pastor gifts. Iris came over and helped me on four different days, and we put together a total of 68 personalized pastor boxes on those days! We generally expect to make enough boxes for between 200 and 250 pastors and their families each year, so this is a nice encouraging chunk of the total number. I’ve been discouraged about ever getting this project done this year, but this has energized me.

The donations we received this year included many copies of several Christian books (in Spanish). These we give in quantity to each pastor, to share with his congregation and neighbors. The total gift given to each pastor, including these books, involves several boxes.

Wednesday we scheduled as a distribution day, and we sorted and loaded over 80 gifts (plus the books to go with them) and sent them off to their destinations!

I’m so glad to see this progress, and I’m really looking forward to having my house back!!!!