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I feel like I just did!

In mid-January, it worked out for Russell’s wife, Iris, to come and help me put together pastor gifts every work day. It had to do with Russell coming out to our place to work on weekdays, so she had a ride, and then also with her having some free time just then. So, I put aside everything else, and worked with Iris. I neglected the homeschooling, the housework, the blog, emails – everything. I knew in the long run, the tradeoff would be worth it, because when the pastor gifts are completed and distributed I get my house back.

The period of time in which Iris was available to help was three weeks. We worked steadily through the first two weeks, but that’s when I got sick. I was too sick to do anything for about a week and a half, and I’ve been recuperating for another week and a half.

Now, I’m ready to face the world again . . . but aaarrgghh – what a mess I have to face! I’ve basically not handled the regular duties of daily life for FIVE WEEKS! It’s gonna be a long, hard road back. I’ve almost got things back to a barely-livable level on the housework. I was actually able to do a bunch of schoolwork with Ben (which involved me reading aloud to him while sitting on the couch) during the latter part of my recuperation, so we’re feeling okay about that. I have so many unanswered emails to handle! And, of course, I need to get out and take pictures for the blog, so you can see what’s going on with the ministry and such and not just hear about my inability to get things done!

However – I’ve just arranged to have Iris come out several days this week, to help me with the pastor gifts again. We get so much more done when we work together than when I try to do this job on my own. I’m just not as young as I used to be, plus having someone come specifically for this job helps keep me focused and motivated.  This is a good thing, but you know it means that other things are going to fall through the cracks – or remain in the cracks, as the case may be, LOL.

On top of all of that, I’m pretty sure I still need to take it a little bit easy, as I’m not quite all the way back from being so sick. Yes, the kids are helping, but I’m trying to keep them from doing so much of my work that they fall behind on schoolwork, and of course Rachel is a bit distracted with her wedding plans. We’re muddling through, and I’m sure there’s a light at the end of the (very very very long) tunnel! Prayers would be appreciated!