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Just wanted to let everyone know that I am on the mend. We weren’t able to get a test for malaria locally, and as I was starting to feel significantly better by the time we found out that the test was unavailable we decided not to pursue the test at all. I learned, in my research about malaria, that if you aren’t actively unwell (feverish etc) you’re very likely to get a false negative test in spite of actually having malaria. Since I felt well, it didn’t make sense to go get tested, especially if it was going to involve some larger amount of travel to get to a location where the test was available.

Since then, I’ve continued to recuperate. I did take a course of antibiotics, on the advice of a US doctor. Since I was already starting to feel better, I don’t really know if the antibiotics were effective or not, but I’m glad to have taken them, just in case.

The past couple of days both Gus and Rachel have complained of stomach cramps, chills, and a general feeling of malaise and exhaustion, so we started both of them on antibiotics right away. It’s been over two weeks since I first got sick, and we just don’t know if they’re coming down with the same thing or not, but as difficult an illness as this was for me, we don’t want to take any chances.

Sorry this blog has been all about sickness – what little I’ve posted at all – recently. Hopefully we’ll have things under control soon, and be back to normal. I certainly hope so!!!!!