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I hate it when I keep my readers hanging, wondering what’s going on. Sometimes it’s only because life got busy, but sometimes it’s because things have gone a bit . . . bad.

So, here’s a quick laying out of the facts, to bring you back up-to-date.

I started running a teensy fever. I took a couple pills and went to bed. Got up later and felt better.

Next morning, felt a little sickly but got gradually worse all day. Ate lunch, but nothing after that. Fever rising continually.

Lost all track of time. Fever stayed well above 100. At some point the family had to take over dosing meds at intervals, because I couldn’t keep things straight. Lots of vomiting, though with nothing in my system (always such a pleasure).

Sometime late in the week I started to return to my normal thinking. It stopped taking me an hour to get from the thought: “I don’t feel good” to the next thought “It might be time for more pain or fever meds.”

I started eating again. I started having a normal temp without medication. Life was getting good again.

Saturday – the high fever came back.

Sadly, this pattern is fairly common for malaria. We won’t know for sure if I have malaria until I have blood work done. Even then, I’m told, sometimes during the progress of the ailment, the identifying elements in the blood aren’t there in strong enough concentration to give a definite positive diagnosis.

I expect to be able to have blood work done tomorrow morning (Monday).

I am also fiddling with the idea that this might not be malaria at all, but leptospirosis. I’m not going to go into it, but the symptoms and how one is exposed to the disease also fit my situation pretty well.

I’m not uncomfortable at the moment, my fever hasn’t come back up again since Saturday right after lunch. I’m just waiting it out.

And now I don’t have to feel bad that I haven’t let you know. Good night, LOL.