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When I think you’ve heard enough about our gardening, baking, animal and homeschooling craziness, I remember to write a post about the ministry . . . you know, the reason we’re here in Honduras at all, right? So, here’s an update on the ministry for you!

Yesterday Russell distributed motorcycles to pastors. It’s a big deal, and yet it feels sort of ordinary to us, now that we’ve done this so many times. It is certainly a big deal to the recipients!

Preparations are underway for the annual graduation of the Pastor Training School. Following the graduation ceremony the school will be out of session for a few months, and will restart in February or March.

The Gifts for Gracias project is coming together. There are just a few more days to ship a package of gifts or used items in the mail to Maryland – the mailing deadline is October 20th. If you live near enough to Thurmont Maryland that you would care to make a delivery in person, you’ll have another week or two for that.

I’m still worried about whether or not we’ll get enough donations to fill our container . . .but I have to admit I worry about it every year, so I’m trying to hope and pray, instead of worrying. Seems like a better use of my time.

The bridge construction work is mostly on hold until January, when the water levels in the rivers will be lower. The Bible sales and feeding centers continue to run on “automatic” – okay, so really Iris handles most of the work on these ministries for us – and they are going strong!

We had a team from Jacksonville Florida here recently, and they helped us install roofs on two churches, as part of our Church Construction Projects. Thanks team!

Of course, on top of this, when there’s some “spare time” we work on our new house! It’s an exciting time for us!

Thanks for reading this ministry update . . . and look how many labels I was able to connect with this post – I actually went over the limit (who knew there even was a limit to how many labels you could tag to a post?) and had to remove some of them!