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Early in August I wrote about experiencing a couple of minor earthquakes here. I didn’t mention, at the time, that I checked one of the major Honduras newspapers for news of the second quake (to see if there had been any damage), and discovered that there had also been a small amount of volcanic activity in Guatemala the same day, and at nearly the same time. It did occur to me that the two events might be related . . .

You may have seen in the news that the “Volcan del Fuego” (Volcano of Fire) in Guatemala erupted today, with tens of thousands of people frantically evacuating from the area. Here’s a link to a story about this eruption, in case you haven’t heard about it.

The volcano is due west from us, about 350 miles away or so. We don’t anticipate experiencing any difficulties here, although volcanoes are pretty hard to predict, I guess.

Another day, another new experience, right?