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Nahhh, not yet. I know you’re waiting to see pictures of the Rottweiler puppies, and I’ll post them next (oh, if you’re on Facebook, Rachel has already put some up on the Sowers4pastors page there). But first, I wanted to show you what we had for lunch today:

These are white flour biscuits – they just have a slight brownish tinge because Rachel used our homemade lard in them, and also put in some of the cracklins. In case you’re not familiar with cracklins, they are a byproduct of lard production. They taste sort of like bacon, except they aren’t salty (unless, of course, you salt them).

The biscuits were super yummy. We’re likin’ lard.

Here are some of the quart jars of lard in our kitchen, from Rachel’s lard-making event:

Next up: PUPPY PICTURES!!!!!!!