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I worked on our website today, updating the information for this years Gifts for Gracias project. Then I had to stop working and head into town to accomplish some errands. Somehow I managed to leave the main page of the site a mess – buttons that don’t work, pictures and text and buttons overlapping one another – YIKES!

Feel free to check out my mess on the homepage, but you should also check out the updated Gifts for Gracias page. It’s still a work-in-progress, but it’s not a mess like the homepage.

Every year, we collect donations of used clothing and bedding, gift boxes, and bulk purchases of things like school supplies, ball caps, flashlights, etc. From all of this, we put together individualized gifts for the pastors with whom we work and their families.

The last few years, we’ve had trouble collecting enough items to make up the needed gifts. The used clothing and bedding we’ve received have been a bit more worn than in previous years, and there are fewer of these items, plus we receive significantly fewer gift packages. I’m sure this is because the economy in the US is in a slump, and people aren’t replacing their own things as quickly, and they aren’t able to give as much as they have given in the past.

We actually considered NOT doing this project this year, because shipping a container isn’t cheap, and we certainly don’t want to ship a partially empty container. However, when the US has an economic slump, the ramifications in Honduras are extremely severe. The people here are so appreciative of whatever help they receive, and we’d really like to continue to provide this blessing to them.

I’m hoping that more people in the US will participate in the project this year, even if each person is involved in a smaller way, and then we should be able to put together enough gifts for all of the intended recipients. Any excess we receive goes out to the children in our feeding centers, the children in our special needs program, children in the local hospital and in local orphanages.

If you can donate used items, purchase some items in bulk, make up one or more gift boxes, donate funds toward the cost of shipping, or help spread the word at your local church, school, homeschooling group, boy or girl scout troop, etc, we could certainly use the help!

Thanks so very much!