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We just had an earthquake (well, about half an hour ago) – our second in a week!

It was pretty minor, but unmistakable from where I sat. I’m thinking the men who are working outside probably didn’t feel it. We’ve found in the past that it’s much easier to notice an earthquake when indoors.

I’ve been watching the earthquake notification sites, and our quake hasn’t shown up yet. I wonder if it was really, really small, but located quite close.

The earthquake earlier in the week was centered in an area about 30 miles from here. It had two distinct “thumps,” plus I heard the rumble before feeling the movement. Today’s event was much smaller, just one “thump” and no rumble.

Odd, though, that this earthquake isn’t showing up at all on the maps that report these events. I watch the US government map, as well as the Global Incident Map.

I’d never felt an earthquake before living in Honduras. Now I feel that my life is complete . . . I don’t necessarily have to keep on experiencing them . . . LOL

UPDATE: The info on the quake just showed up on the maps. It was a 4.6, located in a similar location as the one earlier in the week.