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We’re working on building our house, but even as the footprint of the house is being created on the ground, we’re still developing certain aspects of the design.

One major concern we have for the house design is that we create a home that will be easy on us as Allen and I age. We’re both 50 now, and we’re starting to see the signs that our bodies are weakening. We can’t read the small print on the medicine bottles anymore, and we groan more when pulling items out of the lower kitchen cupboards.

Several things are obvious. The bedrooms are on the same level with the living areas. I’ve also designed the kitchen to have storage cupboards with shallow shelves from about my knee height to my head height, to avoid lots of stooping and reaching. Actually, there will also be cupboards and shelves in those more remote high and low areas, but I can keep the most often used items in the easy-to-reach places.

I thought I’d mention this here, and see if some of you might have additional thoughts on ways that we could make the house work for us as we age. Since it’s another 8 years or so until Ben finishes high school, and since we expect to probably have some Honduran grandchildren from some of our other children by that time, we figure Honduras is where we’ll live and work for a good long time – Lord willing!