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My campers are back home again, and recuperating from their action-packed week of camp and the grueling bus ride back home.

A camp for missionary kids needs to have lots of action and adventure, as many of these kids experience much excitement in their day-to-day lives. Below is a video compilation of scenes from the 2012 Honduras MK Camp. Make sure to watch the part where the kids are bungy jumping amongst trees – my kids said, “It’s amazing only a few kids ran into trees.” Hmmm. That’s the kind of thing that warms a mom’s heart.

If you want to see my kids specifically, Boo and Rachel show up well at 8:02. To see Gus, just watch for the big kid with the scruffy beard! Ben didn’t attend camp this year – he stayed home and spent the week with Kirstin.

Thanks to all those who help make this camp happen!