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Early this morning, Kirstin drove some of her siblings to the nearby city of Santa Rosa de Copan, to catch the early bus. They’re headed to the Loma de Luz Hospital, which is 7 to 8 hours from here, by car. I’m not sure how long the trip will be by bus, but certainly it will be longer! I once traveled by bus from La Ceiba to Gracias (about an hour less than the trip to the hospital) and that trip took 12 hours – but I was on a bus that stopped frequently. The kids were able to catch an express bus, so their trip should be faster and more pleasant.

Every year, the missionaries at the hospital, on the north coast of Honduras, host and run this camp. We’re really grateful for all of their hard work! The kids love going and spending the week with friends they rarely get to see.

Since I have a bit of extra time today, I’m going to try my hand at rendering lard for the first time, using fat from the pig we butchered back in March. We’re nearly ready to butcher another pig, so I need to use up what’s currently in the freezer, and a lot of what’s left is skin and fat. I’ll report back on how that goes, once I’ve done it. Of course, I’m feeling like I’m trying to blog with one hand tied behind my back, since my photographers are gone for the week. But I’ll do my best.