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Yesterday I posted this drawing of what we anticipate will be the look of our new house. I know the house is not all that impressive – and that’s intentional. Part of our strategy for living safely in a crime-ridden third world country is keeping a low profile. Of course, as fair-skinned, blue-eyed Gringos we’ll always stand out in a crowd here, but at least we can avoid drawing some attention to ourselves by maintaining a less-than-ostentatious lifestyle. This can be difficult, when you live in a neighborhood where having tile floors – instead of dirt floors – is considered a luxury.

We’ve worked hard to come up with a design which, while looking mostly like a local house from the front, would also give us the amenities which Americans are generally used to having – like finished floors, bath tubs, a functional kitchen, glass windows, and CLOSETS! Plus, we’ve included some features which will definitely feel like luxuries to us – high ceilings, lots of kitchen cabinets, a fireplace, and rooms looking out over gorgeous mountain views.

The plans call for the house to have four bedrooms and two full bathrooms (both with tubs), a nice-sized living room, a large kitchen/great room with a dining area, sitting area, and fireplace, a big pantry and nice laundry room/mudroom, plus a bit of basement storage. It’s all packed in there! We’re excited about these plans, and about seeing them grow from ideas to reality!

Oldest daughter Kirstin is arriving today for her annual visit, and we’re expecting her to come up with a few tweaks, as she looks over the plans with fresh eyes. I’ll keep you informed!