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Brandy is the one in the wet flight suit! LOL

Rachel’s boyfriend, Brandy, has been reading my blog, which is pretty impressive since English isn’t his first language. He had to ask Rachel for the meaning of the word “lousy” in a previous post, when I stated that I’d posted a “lousy picture” of him. He has promised to send me a newer picture, and if he does I’ll post it here.

Meanwhile, he did send us some photos of the “celebration” which takes place after each student pilot successfully completes their first solo flight. That flight, by the way, is actually three short flights, showing that the student has mastered take-offs and landings, as well as the up-in-the-air part of flying.

If I have this right, after the successful completion of his flight, Brandy was somersaulted from the airplane to the spot on the base where they would have the ceremony. (I think we could call that “hazing” in the states.) Then, Brandy had to go down and do push-ups, while ice water was showered down upon him from a rather high platform (I’m thinking those ice cubes probably hurt!)

After the cold water, congratulations were given by flight instructors and officers, and then Brandy was given the rest of the week off. This is the standard celebration, but sadly Brandy completed his solo flight on a Friday, so he only got to come home for the weekend! Oh well.

Congratulations again, Brandy.