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I don’t have a phobia about spiders. I really don’t. I’m sure I don’t. In general, I think spiders are a useful part of the whole circle-of-life thing. I’m glad that they eat other annoying insect pests, and they’re generally quiet and unobtrusive. Except that they leave their abandoned webs in high, unreachable places above my kitchen, and then those old webs collect termite wings and look messy, I kind of like spiders.

However . . .

I’ve discovered that I don’t like large and hairy spiders. I especially don’t like them on my bed, in the middle of the night . . . when I’m using the bed.

It didn’t help the situation that the spider was about the size of the palm of my hand. And, did I mention that it was hairy?????

There is no picture with this post. The night of the spider, I was only thinking about having a big, hairy spider in my bed – I wasn’t thinking about blogging! Allen and Ben came to my rescue with a broom, and when they told me the situation was under control, I happily went back to bed. I could go looking for photos of similar spiders . . . but I think I’m okay with not reliving the spider visitation just now.