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Recently Blogger, the host of this blog, redid some of the behind-the-scenes workings of their site. As a result of these changes, some new statistics are now available to me (or at least, now I know they’re there). One of the pieces of information currently available is how many people have viewed each post I’ve created.

Now, I might be a bit discouraged by this info, if I didn’t realize that the stats aren’t counting when people come to the main page ( rather than opening up one specific post by clicking on the title of that post. I know this because, in some instances, the statistics reveal that no one read a certain post, but several people commented on it! It seems that many of my regular readers open the main page, and read the most current posts there (which is perfectly fine – I’m not complaining here), so most of the people who read my posts are not being counted using this system. All that to say, while this count could be discouraging, I’m not taking it that way.

Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to see which were the most-viewed individual posts of my five years of blogging. I know, from watching my stats, that many people come to my blog after seeing one of our pictures on Google Images, so I figured that would factor in to the results, and it certainly has, based on these results.

Here they are, the top ten most viewed blog posts from my blog:

#10. Doing Chores in Lempira (385 views)

#9. Gringo Holiday in Honduras (401 views)

#8. Show Off Your Smarts re: Honduran Food (406 views)

#7. Happy Lempira Day! (431 views)

#6. Feel Free to ignore this post (461 views – rather ironic, don’t you think?)

#5. Another Poinsettia Post (526 views)

#4. Pila Etiquette (664 views – mine is one of the few websites on the internet where you can find out what a “pila” is, apparently.)

#3. Yes, the container arrived . . . yes, we’re working on unpacking everything . . . yes, I neglected to tell you! (727 views – why on earth do so many people click on the image of the container truck in this post? I’m clueless on this.)

#2. Orphans in Santa Rosa de Copan (1461 views – this post used to have a couple of photos which were linked from another blog, and those links no longer work, so the photos don’t show up)

#1. More Lempira Day Photos: Indias Bonitas (1542 views)