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I never did write that post about cleaning up after the termite invasions. After the first one I spent a large chunk of the next day cleaning bug parts out of the kitchen. They were stuck to the clean dishes in the drying rack, and were all over the counters (and behind everything that sits out on the counters). The floor was sprinkled with them, and many were stuck to the walls and sitting on the shelves – these were strategically located to fall onto already-cleaned areas as necessary to keep the whole process going as long as possible. Of course they were in the sinks, and on the dirty dishes, and they stuck to dishtowels and to skin and to pretty much everything.

At the end of that cleaning session, I still had bug parts in lots of other areas of the house, but the kitchen was basically termite free. Then I got pulled into the computer switching project and never really did complete the whole house debugification process. Which turned out to be fine, because we then had another termite visitation, and the whole kitchen was as bad – possibly worse – than it was the first time. That’s just a bit frustrating.

We grabbed a couple quick pictures of the more recent termite invasion. It was pretty dark, as it was raining at the time, so the pictures aren’t very clear, but I do think this will give you some idea of the situation. It’s the floor in front of our metal security door, and the termites that came in the gap between the door and the floor. Lots more bugs flew in from the open areas higher up, but this picture especially seemed to speak to me about the yuckiness of the situation..

Hopefully we’re done with termites for this year . . . but just in case, I’m not killing myself to get every single one cleaned up just yet . . .