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You know AWOB, right? Away without blogging? Anyway, sorry about that. Everything is fine here, I’ve just had a spell of feeling uninspired. I think that’s allowed every once-in-a-while, when one has been blogging along for years, right?

To give some quick updates:

It hasn’t been raining much the last couple of weeks, so progress is still being made on the big bridge construction project.

We had a litter of eight labrador mix puppies. They are just starting to walk around a bit, so we’ll be setting up their outside cage pretty soon.

The only gardening happening right now is Boo’s celery. She’s growing celery in a container on her porch, and that seems to be going well, though we haven’t tried eating any of it yet.

This week is the monthly session of the pastor training school. The school now runs mostly independently, as the administration and teaching are handled by Hondurans. We still supply the funding (for food, rent, and teaching materials), cook the meals, and provide transportation back and forth from the city of Gracias out to the campus (although we currently pay someone to do this driving, so our menfolk can remain on the bridge site). Rachel and Iris cook all of the meals, and the only reason they are cooking (instead of hiring out the cooking) is that Rachel is able to budget so as to keep the food costs lower than when we had hired cooks, while still providing larger portions. So, for now, with funds so tight, we handle the cooking.

A sister of Rachel’s boyfriend Brandy is having her 15th birthday this weekend, and Rachel was asked to bake and decorate the cake for this big event (for those who aren’t familiar with Latin American customs, a girl’s 15th birthday is a big deal, sort of like the Sweet Sixteen birthday in the US). This is the first opportunity Rachel has had to display the cake decorating skills she learned from my sister Pam, when the two of them worked together on Russell and Iris’ wedding cake. Pam thoughtfully sent Rachel some cake decorating tools last year, so Rachel will be starting in on the birthday cake as soon as the cooking for the pastor school is completed at lunch today.

That’s it for now.