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Since I can’t take any new pictures right now, I figured I’d post some photos I took last week, of one of our cows. This is an especially annoying cow, because she thinks she belongs in the house. Although the perimeter of our property is fenced, we don’t have many fences within the perimeter. In other words, the cows can go pretty much anywhere they like, within the boundaries of our land. We have the garden fenced off, and when we’re trying to establish grass in a new area of the yard we fence that in until the grass is growing well. Oh, and Rachel recently started a little rose garden, and there’s a fence around that:

(The mushrooms growing along the edge of the rose garden are unintentional. It’s the rainy season, so mushrooms grow everywhere right now.)

So, anyway, this particular cow thinks she should be allowed into the house. She hangs out on the front porch, and sometimes, when we’ve left the kitchen door open, she’ll stick her head in the door and rummage around in the kitchen trash can, looking for goodies. She’s always hanging around the house, looking in, with those pleading eyes of hers.

Here’s a close up of the cow. Close up shots will occur, because this cow really likes me to scratch her between the eyes. So, as I was trying to take pictures of her, she kept coming up to me to beg for some attention. My kids have tried to convince me that the cow is actually begging for food, but I think she loves me. Just look at those eyes!

In spite of the special relationship the cow has with me, and in spite of the fact that I’m not a big stickler for house rules, I do think I’ve got one hard and fast rule: NO COWS IN THE HOUSE. ;-D