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I don’t blog for the purpose of getting lots of comments, as my regular readers can probably tell, since I’m so bad about answering comments. But, even though getting lots of comments isn’t my goal, I still like getting them . . . and so would Allen. Recently, however, when I’ve written about what Allen has been doing, we haven’t been getting any comments!

For example, recently I blogged about:

my homesteader-style ways – 5 comments
harvesting beets from my garden – 5 comments
recent miscellaneous good news we’ve gotten – 5 comments
pictures of our new puppy – 3 comments
a general update about the garden – 4 comments

but . . .

a school construction project – 0 comments
2 church construction projects – 0 comments for either one
a bridge construction project – 0 comments

I wonder if it’s because, when I’m writing about the construction projects, I’m not writing as personally as when I write about the garden and life at home. At any rate, I think Allen’s gonna get a complex if somebody doesn’t say something, soon, about his projects. (LOL – like anything could give Allen a complex!) Anyone care to send Allen a kind and encouraging word? Thanks!