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Today was the monthly gathering for the families enrolled in our Special Needs Program. These are families which include a child with a special medical need. Many suffer from mental retardation, while some have other birth defects, or problems brought about by malnutrition. About 15 families come to our house to receive their package of food and vitamins. Today we were able to distribute food we received from Kids Against Hunger to these families. The ladies in this group walk for about two hours, to get to our house to receive their food. Today, they basically received as much as they could carry. One lady jokingly remarked that with all that food, she is going to get fat!

One of the ladies in this group is also my “patient” with the fungal infection on her shoulders. She is improving, but it is a slow process. Today, she brought along a relative (sister in law’s sister, or something), who has a five month old baby with a bad skin infection. We were able to give this young mother antibiotic soap and antibiotic cream, for her amazingly adorable little son.

Here is a picture of little Erguin. You can’t see his personality in this picture, but he is quite a bright, happy, friendly little guy. He has been running occasional fevers; I am hoping this is not a sign that the infection is affecting more than his skin.