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Thank you for all you do to help us support the people of Honduras.

Here are some of the projects we’ve been working on.

Feeding Children

Through the efficient use of your generous donations more than 12000 children are fed nutritious meals twice a week at feeding centers throughout Western Honduras.

Motorcycles for Ministers

Some of these pastors oversee 3 or 4 (or more) churches in different villages, preaching several nights each week. Lack of good transportation can be a major obstacle to their work, so this blessing is huge for them.

Bridge Projects

When we lived in the states, Allen designed houses, drew up his own plans, and then built them. Here in Honduras his building expertise has extended to building bridges of all sizes from small pedestrian bridges to large road bridges.

Medical Missions

In the rural villages of Honduras, many people have little or no knowledge of how to maintain their teeth. Even with this knowledge, so often families do not have the financial means to purchase tooth brushes and tooth paste. Free dental clinics, held in rural villages, can be a huge blessing.

Church Construction

We don’t give away churches. If a congregation desires to construct a building, and they approach us for help, Russell will meet with the pastor and congregation members and discuss construction details with them. While we do receive some donations earmarked for church construction, the usual situation is that we receive more requests for church construction help than the amount of funds we receive, so part of what we do is to advise the church members on how to build their buildings in the most economical way, making use of local materials and skills.

Here to be a blessing and a resource to the Honduran Christians

New Churches Planted Annually

Motorcycles Purchased by Pastors

Children Fed Twice a Week

Annual Professions of Faith

Allen & Trish

Allen and Trish Sowers came to Honduras in 2001, to work as short term missionaries – but they never left. They have six children…

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Russell & Iris

Russell and Iris Sowers with their son, Russell Jr, live and work as missionaries in Western Honduras, with The Foundation for Missions.

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Rachel & Brandy

Rachel Sowers Reyes grew up in Honduras where her parents, Allen and Trish Sowers, were, and still are, serving as missionaries.

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